The Best Way Out Is Through

The power of positive thinking!

Chin up!

Everything happens for a reason!


Have these platitudes ever helped you? When you were in the muck and the dark and couldn’t see your way out–did these “encouragements” help you or frustrate you?

Sometimes, in our most difficult moments, these cliches just add weight. It’s not that you don’t believe them. It’s that you’re too deep in the dark to see the light. And the more you pretend to see the light, the deeper into darkness you stumble.

The solution?

Be sad. Or angry. Or jealous. Or whatever.

When you ignore these emotions, or try to talk yourself out of them, you just add layers to your state. Instead, feel these feelings at their fullest. They don’t have to be scary. They’re just things that exist in the universe, and you aren’t the only person to feel them.

Have you ever watched a movie and found yourself bawling at the end? You didn’t know you were sad, but something about the movie releases sadness and you cry inconsolably. After that “good cry,” don’t you feel so much better?

Negative emotions are a sign from the universe that something is off in your existence. But you can’t clearly discern what that thing is when you are repressing the “negative.”

So feel the feelings. Cry, scream, punch something (inanimate and soft, preferably). Then release them.

I’m not saying you need to wallow, or continue to force thoughts that make you feel bad. But when you can’t lift your own vibration, you can almost guarantee it’s because you need to move through some negative emotions first. So, allow yourself to move through them so you can keep going.

The best way out (of sadness, anger, jealousy, rage) is through.

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